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Improving the Lives of Children Essay Contest

New America has concluded its essay contest with the 2009 winner, and will not be offering an essay contest for students in the future.
The New America Foundation was pleased to offer its "Improving the Lives of Children" essay contest in 2008 and 2009.  In 2008, we offered the contest to students from the District of Columbia.  In 2009, with the generous support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, we were able to offer the contest to students throughout the nation. 

The 2009 contest received more than 3,450 essays, with all 50 states producing at least one application.  A distinguished panel of judges helped pick the winner, who received a $2,500 college scholarship.

We are grateful to all who have shown interest in, participated in and supported this contest in the past, particularly the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  We believe the contest was successful and helped draw attention to the needs of children in the United States.