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Innovative solutions to help Americans succeed in their work and family commitments.

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The Real Wives of Capitol Hill

Meet the powerful, breadwinning spouses that are enabling many Congressmen to do their jobs.

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Leisure is the New Productivity

The case for injecting more idle time into our hectic lives, featuring Breadwinning and Caregiving Program Director Liza Mundy, and New America Fellow Brigid Schulte.

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The Media's Woman Problem

A new report reveals the huge gender disparity that continues to exist in the media.

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Where Are All the Women Peacekeepers?

One reason the Israeli-Palestinian peace process has failed: the lack of women at the negotiating table.

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The Surprising Glass Ceiling Smashers

Move over, Scandinavia. As new research casts doubt on the revered Nordic model of gender equality, we illuminate the surprising countries that have gotten more women into the c-suite.

About This Program

We as a nation are at a pivotal moment in which the national conversation around work and family life has taken on renewed urgency and vigor.

Over the past decades, real advances have been made in terms of fairness and opportunity for women, yet equally real challenges remain as men and women struggle to form families and advance careers in a changing economy.

Changing Families

atlanticmundysamesex.jpgFamilies are being transformed by factors including altered marriage patterns, single parenthood, same-sex marriage, delayed childbearing, and an influx of women into the American workforce. Though it is changing, the American workplace has not — yet — fully transformed to accommodate the reality of two-earner households in which men and women both have responsibilities at home as well as needs and ambitions at work.

Meanwhile, our growing socioeconomic divide means many families are struggling to provide their children with the basic economic and emotional resources they need to grow and thrive. In some families, men are more involved than ever; in others, fathers, often as a result of low employment, are marginalized and uninvolved. Child care remains a struggle at all socioeconomic levels.

What We're Doing


The organization's mission is animated by the American ideal that each generation will live better than the last. With high-profile books and articles in major publications; in-depth policy papers; riveting events; and widespread alliances, the work-family program is helping reframe the conversation to reflect 21st century realities and challenges.



We aim to create a community engaged in issues that include work-family balance, improved access to child care, our changing definition of family, education gender imbalance, discrimination in the workplace, opportunities for female leadership, and the global context. The program seeks to create a public environment that's hospitable to change, through powerful writing and informed debate about careers and families, their strengths and their needs.


Articles and Op-Eds

June 26 | Time
Elizabeth Weingarten
June 26 | Politico Magazine
Liza Mundy
June 11 | The Huffington Post
David Gray
May 19 | The Washington Post
Brigid Schulte
March 10 | Politico Magazine
Liza Mundy
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The Richer Sex
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Director, Breadwinning and Caregiving Program

Liza Mundy is a journalist and book author who has written widely for...

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Emerson Fellow

As an Emerson Fellow, DeParle will write a book about the rise of global...

Wendy Paris
As a New America fellow Wendy Paris is writing a book challenging the negative...
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As a 2013 Schwartz Fellow at New America, Brigid Schulte researched and...

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Associate Editor, New America; Associate Director, Global Gender...
Elizabeth Weingarten is an associate editor at New America where she works with...
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Senior Fellow, National Security Program
Katherine Zoepf is a fellow in the Breadwinning and Caregiving Program at the...

In The Media

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Brigid Schulte discusses her new book, "Overwhelmed," in an interview with Fresh Air's Terry Gross. 

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On CNN, what we can learn from the newly exposed papers about the political power couple. 

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Andrew Sullivan's The Dish on why women like Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen could redefine the American career trajectory. 

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